TVD: Michael Trevino Dressing Up As ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Contestant for Halloween

Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino always has the best Halloween costumes, and with Halloween happening next week, we asked the Mexican actor what he’s going to dress up as this year. “I don’t know if the generation of fans that watch [Vampire Dairies] can remember, but when I was younger, there was a game show called Legends of the Hidden Temple, says Trevino. “I am thinking of dressing up as a contestant from the show. If I can work it out to put all of the proper costume parts together—I’m going to do it!”

While there were different color teams on the show, Michael says he wont be a member of the red, or the purple team. “I’m going to be green,” he says. “I remember they were the green monkeys. They had a green monkey on the t-shirt and wore a green helmet. Everybody had elbow pads and a dorky bright yellow mouth guard,” [Laughs]. “I think it will be funny to be that,” he says.

Trevino says there’s another reason he’s keen on the costume idea. “It’s a comfy Halloween costume, so at the end of the day if I’m going to be in it all night—I want to be comfortable,” adds Trevino. “It’s Halloween man. You’ve got to go all out!”

Michael Trevino might be a heartthrob to the devoted fans of the CW’s hit show, The Vampire Diaries, but this Halloween the Mexican actor is going for a less sexy look. “I’m going to be Pee Wee Herman!” Trevino told

“I love Pee Wee and I think I could pull it off. I want to get one of my buddies and make him the arch nemesis “Francis” from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”

Trevino explained why he chose the funny costume. “I think for men, you have to think outside the box and/or wear something that’s going to get a lot of laughs.”

Michael’s too old to go trick or treating, but if he did, TV’s hottest werewolf would probably be on the hunt for some Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Kit Kat bars—his favorites. “I only eat candy on Halloween. No lie.”

And as for his favorite scary movies, they include The Exorcist, Evil Dead 2, Rosemary’s Baby and Halloween. “Jamie Lee Curtis was drop dead gorgeous back then,” he explains. I wouldn’t mind going one on one with Michael Myers.”


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