TVD: Justin Price aka Jeffrey Lockwood Cut Up Outside Nightclub

One of the actors from “Vampire Diaries” Justin Price aka Jeffrey Lockwood got caught up in a serious situation outside Supperclub in Hollywood Thursday night  unleashing his ridiculously chiseled abs on an unsuspecting public.

Jeffery Lockwood Hamilton is a student at Mystic Falls High School. He was Caroline Forbes’s escort at the Miss Mystic Falls contest in 2010. Its unknown what his relationshiop with the main family is.

For the video click here:


TVD: Tyler & Caroline = Romeo & Juliet

In the CW’s  TVD Season 3 overview, not only do we get a major hint about how big of a role the Original vamps will play, but we’re also prepped for a juicy Tyler and Caroline relationship:

And as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families.”

Hmm…sounds like the Season 3 story arc will include a Romeo and Juliet twist between the Lockwoods and Forbes.