TVD: Kat Graham’s Nod to Ousted Lesbian Scout Leader on Ellen

Singer and Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham dedicated her performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday to Jennifer Tyrrell, the lesbian mother who was pushed out of her position as a Boy Scout den leader because of her sexual orientation.

Graham, wearing a modified Boy Scout uniform with a big rainbow patch, started her performance by saying, “In my scout troop, everyone’s welcome!”



TVD: She Wolf – [Fanfic Trailer]


Caroline Forbes ( Candice Accola) wasn’t the most popular girl in school but she was happy with her life , until one bite changes her life forever. Stiles (Dylan O”Brien) , Caroline’s brother soon discovers , that it wasn’t just a regular wolf who attacked her , but a werewolf. Caroline now has to leave with that curse on her shoulders . Caroline decides to make the best of new gifts and explores them , catching the attention of “bad boy “Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) who has a secret on his own. An animalistic attraction grows between them making it almost impossible for them to stay away from each other , until the day Caroline discovers Tyler’s secret which changes everything. Their love soon turns to hate. Let the game begin !

Tune in for the Season Premiere , coming soon !

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TVD: Michael Trevino about playing Klaus

“I’d like to take a crack at playing Klaus. I think it would be fun … Joseph Morgan could take a break.” – Michael Trevino

Executive producer Julie Plec has already suggested that she would like to see Morgan return to the show in some capacity, but the show will have to explain first how Klaus’ body ends up being salvaged following the burning during the season finale. Before that happens, though, we expect all sorts of ratings confusion when it comes to Caroline — who is probably going to believe that her boyfriend is suddenly very charming in an Old World sense.