The Tomb of Vlad The Impaler (Dracula)

Especially as a famous vampire character of Bram Stoker’s book, Count Dracula or Vlad  The Impaler was actually a Prince of Wallachia (a region located today in Romania known as Transilvanya). A defender of Wallachia against Ottoman Empire, Vlad was portrayed as a patriotic hero but also as a cruel and ruthless ruler. Vlad  Dracula was a ruthless leader who tortured and impaled between 40,000 and 100,000 of his enemies, Turks and Vlachs, who constituted a threat to his power and position. After three separate  turks rulers, were killed in the battle with Turks near Bucharest in 1476, turks cut his head  and sent him to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed II. The place of  the rest of his remains is unknown.


The widely accepted theory about Vlad’s tomb is that he was buried at the monastery of the island. However, after several  archaeological excavationes on the island, Vlad’s remains were not found. Another speculations says that Vlad’s remains were buried at the monastery Comana first time, however, the monastery was rebuilt in the seveenteenth century and have not found any debris there. Another teory is related to superstision, because of the legends about vampires that haunting those days Wallachia, Vlad’s body could have been moved anywhere to prevent and protect the monks of being killed in their sleep.



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