The Vampire Diaries Addict Boutique

If you’re in Europe, and especially if you are a TVD Addict, we found for you an online boutigue with some amazing products. Website (France) has some great products on sale. If you do not want to wait to TVD brand products to arrive all way from USA, now you have the possibility to buy products from TVDAddict Boutique. Since our site is called Michael Trevino Romania, we are #TeamTyler of course, and we found some cute things for #Team Tyler  and especially for you the fans of Michael Trevino aka Tyler Lockwood from the hit show ”The Vampire Diaries”. Besides these products  TVDAddict Boutique, has #TeamDamon,#TeamStefan,#TeamElena,#TeamKatherine products for sale. All ISF Special Products are for raising fund for and all WMS  Special Products are for raising found for  Below you will find some pictures #TeamTyler products.  Have fun  at shopping and remember all  this stuffs are  for the benefit of charitable projects, together we can protect nature and animals, and saved from extermination the wolves.

#TeamTyler products:














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