The Vampire Diaries

By Mia Salvatore

Chapter I

It was a sunny day. Not a cloud on the sky. I woke up and called Emily. She came in my room like she always did. She smiled at me and brang my long shiny dress. I went to see myself in the mirror. Nothing has changed, but why. My father was crying , yes that’s what I remember, he was crying then a tall figured man came in the room and I found myself in darkness. Papa is a noble man and he knew what to do so he decided to turn me in this , creature of night, said that would make me stronger, happier and healthier. He must have been right. I shook my head then looked at Emily and said “ Is the dress ready ? “ I couldn’t believe it. My sound was different, it was like a song. Emily came and helped me get in the dress. I went downstairs and saw sir Salvatore at one corner of the table and at the other one, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan, how can I describe him ? He is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. His green eyes are like diamonds and that smile, he always smiled at me. Now that smile was on his face. I approched to him and he kissed my hand. He was making me shiver. I always wanted to say “ Oh, Stefan If I could trade my vampire life for you, I would . “ Of course he didn’t know I was a vampire. He said with a soft voice “ I’m glad you can join us miss Pierce “ . His voice was like a water running on the mountains, clear but soft. I loved the way he was looking at me. He took the chair out and I sitted. Beeing in a noble family we had much food but I couldn’t eat. For the first time I didn’t have taste. I was tastless. I watched both Stefan and Sir Salvatore eating. They looked at me and Sir Salvatore asked me “ Is everything alright, miss Pierce ? “ . What was I supposed to say, Papa didn’t warn me about not eating, not beeing able to feel the taste of food. Suddenly something stronger began to grow in me, it was like hunger, more like thirsty. I needed to drink. I drank a glass of wine but it didn’t satisfy my throat. I excused myself and went in my room. Stefan came after me and knocked on the door. I opened the door and there he was smiling at me. My heart was telling me to pull him to me, I needed to feel him, but I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t.
Stefan asked me if I was ok and I noded . But them I stoped him, I told him to stay. I watched his features and then looked him in the eyes. I told him that Iwas thisty for blood and then I shook my head thinking he heard me but something strange happened. He leaned his head and I could see the vains, that blood pumping in the vains of his neck and I couldn’t resist more. I approched to his neck gently seeing those vains growing more and more and I felt them under my mouth. My teeth urged to bite them and so they did . Blood poured in my throat and it was like frenzy, I wanted more and more and then Stefan came in my head and I stoped . I looked at Stefan like he was stone. I was afraid, I was terrified. I started shaking and crying. I was a monster. Papa turned down death for a creature who was hurting the very moment the person she loved most, Stefan. My head was pumping and so I fell on my knees and cried more and more till my sadness took over tiredness and so I fell asleep in Stefan’s arms.

Chapter II – Discovering

Morning felt like night . I woke up slowly with a headache and when I opened my eyes sun burned them. I took a pillow and I huged it . Emily was already in my room, but Stefan wasn’t. “ He woke up early in the morning confused. He said he had blood on his neck. I told him that he will be fine. He doesn’t know it was his blood, miss Pierce. Everything is fine.” Fine seemed to be a heavy word for what I did. Emily helped me get dressed quickly in a topaz dress and added my little hat . It was sunny so I decided to take my umbrella . I went outside in the garden. Went slowly in the maze thinking at my situation. I didn’t feel any urge for blood so I think it was fine. I remembered I compelled Stefan. Yes , that was the word, Papa explained to me before I got turned. I was able to compell people. I still felt very sad for hurting Stefan, but it seems hunger for blood is my weakness. I got out of the maze and saw Sir Salvatore playing cricket with Stefan. Stefan was looking very well. He turned and saw me. I came and bowed to Stefan and his father. “ You look lovely today miss Pierce “ said Stefan. I smiled gently “ You should call me Katherine, Stefan.” He excused himself to his father and began to walk with me. I couldn’t tell him yet I was a vampire. I was reminded by my handmaid, Emily that I was a vampire, who needed to feed on blood. She told me I need a necklace so I can walk in the sun. I still was in transition so I could walk in sunlight but from tomorrow I needed a special necklace. So many things to discover and Stefan doesn’t know. We stoped on a beautiful garden with red and yellow flowers. Everything was peaceful. Stefan sitted on the bench and I followed. He smiled at me and stroke my hair and then he took a flower from the gardern and placed it behind my ear. “ You look beautiful Katherine . “ He watched me for a couple of seconds and then he leaned and his lips touched mine. I felt like my lips were bursting into millions of butterfly’s . I kissed his lips and though they were for a couple of seconds it felt like hours. Stefan opened his eyes and looked at me. His emerald eyes was sparkling like he found something beyong beautiful. I watched him like he was the most beautiful diamond in the world. We didn’t speak for a couple of minutes. My heart was pounding. I wanted to say something but words weren’t coming out and then I got dizzy. My nightmare returned and I needed blood. Why was I cursed with such urge for something so unimportant ? But It was important for me. “ A vampire must feed with blood Katherine. “ that’s what papa said. I looked terrified at Stefan and he looked scared at me and asked me if I am ok. I started running in the maze and hidden myself in a place. Stefan was approaching and I was thinking all the time so that he won’t come. Just when he was about to encounter me, Emily came and talked to him. Stefan was still confused but he went away. Emily got from a silk bag some bottles of blood that looked like wine bottles. I looked terrified almost shy at Emily and she smiled saying “ It’s fine miss Pierce. This will only take a while then you will get used to the blood. Sir Stefan Salvatore went away to his father. I told him that I have to talk to you . He understood . “ I went with Emily to the boarding house in my room. Emily showed me a victorian necklace with a familiar face. It was Empresse’s Elizabeth face. It was glittering silver with rose flowers . She gave me the necklace and said “ Do not take it off miss Pierce in no circumstances. This neckalce is your life. Take it off in sunlight and you die. Your father asked me personaly to give it to you. “ Emily went out of the room and I stood watching in the mirror and wondering why Papa left me to the boarding house if I was healthy. I went slowly downstairs and I heard Sir Salvatore talking at the phone with Papa. First I was happy hearing him talking to Papa. “ Miss Pierce is fine “ – “ Yes she is really happy and healthy Sir “ – “ You don’t expect me to lie to her sir ? “ then the telephone was slient.
I went downstairs sad and asked Sir Salvatore why was he sad. “ Miss Pierce your father doesn’t care to have you back in Germany “. He looked very sad. I looked down then at him and asked “ Why can’t I return back home ? “ . Sir Salvatore looked at me and said “ He said that you don’t belong to the family anymore and it’s best if you stay here . “
I didn’t get the meaning of the words. They were full of pain, full of ignorance. My papa didn’t want me back because of what ? He didn’t call me, he didn’t love his daughter. His beloved Katherine. I went upstairs crying looking in the mirror. The happy girl that used to be turned into a cruel, heartless girl just realising that his father wouldn’t want a creature, a predator, a vampire in his family. He turned his beloved soul into a walking night creature cursed to wonder on the world without aging, without loving, without feeling the joy of life.


Chapter III – Truth is ilusion

I staied in my room all night thinking at Papa. He just wanted me out from the family because I was a vampire.  I looked out the window and then I saw why I wanted to live, Stefan Salvatore.  I was ready to tell him what I was.  I needed to talk to someone.  Sir Salvatore was away from the  house, servants said he had some business to attend to so I went in the garden as usual but not before I drank the dose of  blood. Emily was right, I was getting used to human blood.  She said that human blood makes me stronger.  I ws living all day thinking at blood, nothing else mattered. Blood was my drug and my only way to survive. Stefan Salvatore came in the garden, like the day before and sitted on the same banch.  I looked very terrified because I couldn’t find my words to tell him the truth.

“Is there something bothering you miss Pierce? “ said Stefan holding my hand.

I couldn’t say a word I was just looking in his eyes then he spotted my necklace. I instinctively went with my hand to the necklace.

“ Where did you get that Katherine ? “ Asked Stefan impatient.

“ Emily gave it to me, for good luck . “ I said swalowing hard.

It was hard to bite this, but Stefan was more concerned about me, seeing me getting pale. “ Perhaps we should go to a doctor miss “.

“ I am fine, Stefan . “  I was feeling very heavy. I wanted to talk to him, but words were coming heavy from my mouth.

“ Stefan If I would tell you something very important, would you swear not to tell anybody ? “ I asked him looking with tension in his eyes. He nodded and he swalowed. I began explaining him why I  was brought to his house, how my papa brought a man, a tall figured man, who had heavy stature and  young but old by his words. I told him that I had to die but I woke up as a new person, a better one, a vampire. I explained to him that I need to survive on human blood and that I needed the necklace to go threw sunlight. Stefan looked at me all this time and he was holding my hands tight but surprisingly he wasn’t scared like he knew what I was .  He understood me and then , he finally huged me and said that my secret is his secret and he’ll take  it to the grave. I never told him  that  my father left me because of what I was , but what  I  lost, was found in Stefan’s heart.

~ ~

My week was perfect. Everyday I was in the garden with the  person I loved most. Sir Salvatore was very happy for us, he was talking to the Grand families at dinner about us and he was proud.  I was proud. How could I not love someone like Stefan Salvatore?  Pure soul,  he is my weakness and strenght. He’s light when I go in the dark. He’s  what I missed most.  I felt so protective when I was with him. I never drank blood in front of him. I , personaly thought it was rude.  When I felt cravings I would always excuse myself of course Sir Salvatore didn’t know the truth, why would he.                                                        It was a beautiful autumn day , and that day made me feel something was going to happen. Sir Salvatore went early in the morning outside with Stefan. I got dressed as usual and went outside on the door steps also. I asked  Sir Salvatore what was happening and he told me, his older son was coming home. Stefan didn’t mention me about his brother.  I stood there with them holding my  white umbrella looking straight ahead untill a carrage came and stoped in front of the steps. The door opened and a tall young man , dressed in a black suit with a black hat and a stick came out from it.  He was beyond beautiful. My breathing stoppend and I stood watching him like time stoped.He had grey stone eyes and rose lips and he smiled from the corner of his mouth and steped slowly and took my  hand kissing it saying “ It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, miss Pierce “ .  I was breathless. Stefan was looking at us and then I shook my head and looked at him. He was serious, but not mad, he was breathing slowly like he was about to do something but he wasn’t. I red teriffy in his face. Sir Salvatore looked at  us then huged his son and went inside with him.  I followed feeling Stefan’s breath in my chest. I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t. We all came in the dinning room and I sat in the middle. Damon and Stefan were sitting on the other part of the table while Sir Salvatore sat in front. We barely talked I was watching Stefan then Damon. There was something about Damon. Charming ? yes. Very charming. He had a attitude that flew over the room, he looked like  a bad man but not in bad terms, you can tell he liked to play. Of course , who wouldn’t like Damon. Sir Salvatore  said after Damon came, that he was a heartbreaker. He had many women and he didn’t feel love. Perhaps that’s my reason for not wanting him. After the dinner eneded I excused myself and went in my room. I watched myself in the mirror and I began to breath fast. I was thinking at Damon. It was wrong ? Of course It was you commited your soul to Stefan Salvatore, Katherine. And now I think of Damon. I closed my eyes thinking how tender he was, his rose lips on my cheek and the way he would stroke my hair. I shook my head and then I heard a beating at the door. I opened the door and I remained  like stone. Damon Salvatore was in front of me , smirking and looking straight in my eyes then to my lips and I couldn’t say anything anymore.

Chapter IV – Balance

Damon was looking in my eyes, at my lips he was consuming me. He gently touched my face and it was like milions of butterfly’s crossing my arms, my legs , my toes. I walked backwords a few steps. He came slowly in my room. He knew I wanted him. His eyes were like fire and his breath was taking over me. I couldn’t say anything, he  was just coming closer and then I found myself laying on the bed.  He smiled and  sitted near me. When his first words came out, I was incapable of saying anything “ I’m glad we can finally talk, alone, miss Pierce “ said Damon.                                                                                                      His words were piercing my ears, I wanted to hear more. Please tell me more, Damon.  “ How was your day miss Pierce ? “ asked Damon stroking my hair gently. I could only say “ Beautiful . “ Beautiful, he told me I was beautiful right after I used the word. But coming from him, I could only melt.                                                                                                            He lifted my chin up and looked  me in the eyes then he traced my lips with his fingers. Every touch reminded me of summer, of heath. Yes, that was the word for me, heath. He, then closely kissed my lips slowly and I was shocked. No thoughts, no words. I couldn’t think of Stefan. Why couldn’t I ? Damon was blocking my thoughts and he loved that. He loved everything he was doing to me.  After he kissed me he looked me in the eyes one more time and then he got up. “ I’ll see you in a few minutes miss Pierce, dinner is about to be served . “ He smiled at me, he had a wicked smile, then he left.  My feelings were boiling like hot water.  I love Stefan Salvatore that’s what I said to the girl in the mirror. But the girl in the mirror was looking back  and smiled the same way Damon smiled at me. A wicked smile. I stood there for an hour or so because Emily came in the room  and left my dress on the bed. The girl in the mirror said “ You love Stefan Salvatore, he is charming, lovely , he has good will. He is very protective,  but he misses something.”  I still watched the mirror. She could be right ? “ Of course I am right Katherine Pierce. Damon Salvatore is – everyting – he is charming, strong, he knows what he wants and above all he loves – danger – . “ Danger ? “ I asked. I was afraid of this word, afraid of danger. The girl in the mirror smirked at me and I was so afraid. Touched the mirror and looked very carefully. The girl in the mirror was right. Damon was everything , but so was Stefan.  I wanted to make a deal and to think wich desirves my heart. Founders Day was coming so I needed an escort, by the time that day has comed , I would have known wich to choose. It souded  easy but very hard to decide. I needed time. I took the dress and and dressed up and went downstairs where Damon and Stefan were waiting, also Sir Salvatore wich was concerned about me . “  Are you ok miss Pierce ? “ asked sir Salvatore. I noded faking my smile . I never faked my smile,  I never faked my feelings and I decided it was the first and last time to fake them. But I was so wrong, I began to fake every feeling I had thinking at Papa.  I  started to turn slowly into what  my Papa wanted : a predator.  Most of my days were happy, beautiful beeing with Stefan, but also beeing with Damon. Stefan began to explain about Damon , how he was mad at him and he hated him.  I personaly, never fully listened to what Stefan was saying. Damon was  my concern and I knew I was doing the wrong thing but as the girl in the mirror said, danger was  beeing intresting.  Damon knew I would listen his body language because he  started to know me better. Stefan was the only boy Sir Salvatore was counting on since Damon left school so I  remained most of the time with Damon at the house.  My nights began to turn into parties, and having both of best worlds : vampire life and of course Stefan and Damon . And  not once , not twice, every night .  I began to control  my powers, I was compelling almost everyone and everytime I was watching in the mirror the girl in the mirror was laughing and smirking back at me. I loved the new me, I even thanked Papa for opening my eyes.  I loved my life , for the first time since I was a vampire, I loved my life  and I had everything I wanted in it.


Chapter V – Even dark side has good parts

13  April  1864 .  Wonderful day because of course it was my birthday. Woke up early in the morning. Emily added some of her gifts already on the gift table. There were two, one in my room and one in the living room. I loved to get presents. My days were so easier since I was compelling both Stefan and Damon. Stefan was going with Sir Salvatore in an important meeting. He went away but not before he gave me his pretents. 3 of them. I decided to open all of my presents after my birthday. Founders Day was coming very quickly. I didn’t  forget my plan. I still loved Stefan Salvatore and he loved me. Ever since he saw that look on my face and Damon’s he became suspicious but never asked me if I liked Damon. He seemed to be happy , or faked his feeling, also.  I went in the garden as always, then went  to a  beautiful park where  there was a stone where you could stay and a lake. Beautiful flowers on the lake, and the sun, it was already close to sunset. I had to be ready for my  party in an hour but I decided to stay there. I closed my eyes listening to the birds, to every insect. “ Silence “ I whispered. Suddenly I heard footsteps, I heard a heavy breathing and  I was about to turn but I staied that way  untill that person was close enough then turned and smiled “ Why, mr Salvatore, why are you spying on me ? “ .  He took my hand and kissed it and said “ Your servant Emilly called you miss Pierce “ said Damon  smiling lightly. I saw the two little marks on his neck but didn’t say anything. I got up and started to walk. There is something about Damon Salvatore and since that day we became best friends and we started to sneak out at night, we started to tell our secrets and when I told him finally about me beeing a vampire, he didn’t even scream.

My birthday, at last. All the castle was full of people I knew, friends , new ones I made, and of course my family wasn’t there. I said to myself I’ll make them pay for that. Stefan Salvatore arrived with Sir Salvatore later that night and all my presents were gathered on the table.  Many said I looked very nice in my silked  dress made by Emily , with floral theme and long silk gloves and a victorian ring by  Elizabeth .  I opened my birthday with a dance  with Stefan Salvatore. Damon was sititng in a corner watching us. You can tell he was a bit mad, but he knew I would dance with him also. Sir Salvatore made a toast to my birthday then men went to another room where they would drink wine and speak about business and what other countries to conquer and me and other ladies in another room . Everything  went quickly. I excused myself early then I should have but I wanted to meet Damon.  Stefan always came in my path and I had to excuse myself all the time but I couldn’t stay without seeing him either. First I went to Stefan and  made love to him. He was so sweet with me and he wanted to give me everything.  I was so mad at me for compelling him, but then every aspect changed and  I smiled knowing I could have both, but then after I made love with Damon, I thought how would it be if I would live with Damon and Stefan.  “ This is insane  “ I said to myself “ you love Stefan Salvatore , you can’t be with both of them “ .  I went  furious to see my presents . Stefan gave me a lightblue bracelet with crystals. I loved it and it was incripted with words “ Always and forever yours” . Damon on the other hand gave me  a little white silk purse . He wrote on a piece of paper “ Take the purse on the Founders Day “.  I smiled reading it then went in my room, changed and sat on the bed thinking what to do. Founders Day was in 2 days. My heart was pounding thinking how could I say that I want to live with both Salvatores. I needed a plan fast. I took  a deep breath and I closed my eyes thinking that I won’t do the same mistakes as I did before but an inner  corner told  me that  I loved the danger I was into, I loved the fact that I always knew I couldn’t be blamed for anything but I  had the feeling I would someday.  Sir Salvatore was about to go with some men to a meeting and I was about to stay with Stefan and Damon. I needed to ask them tomorrow if  one of them would escort me to the Founders Day, but .. wich would I choose ?


Chapter VI – Founders  Day

I woke up early in the morning. Emily came in the room with my dress, a liliac dress with a tiny liliac hat. I loved it. Of course the question was if Damon and Stefan would love how I was dressed.  I didn’t hear a word from them since yesterday. Of course, I was with both of them last night. I whispered “ Poor boys “ and giggled.  I remember I  told Stefan yesterday that he was about to escort me to the Founders Day. Damon’s look was, just perfect. I loved everytime he didn’t get what he wanted, but of course I wanted Stefan more. Everything was perfect. I couldn’t let both of them. They were my everything. After Founders Day I would tell them about my choice.

I got dressed and went downstairs and there Stefan and Damon were enjoying their dinner without Sir Salvatore. I asked where is he and Damon answered quickly saying he’s gone with some business. I looked at both of them knowing they wanted to talk to me but today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get some fun, yet.  I went outside seeing their faces. I was thrilled. I thought to myself “ Maybe papa did something good after all “ and I smirked. Went to sit on a banch. The  sun was burning so I told Emily to bring my umbrella.  Wasn’t to much to see that Damon was coming to be obviously to talk about Founders Day.   He started talking but I wasn’t in the mood for argueing so I compelled him. Thrilled about myself I told him to forget that he even came here and so I went slowly for a walk. After an hour Stefan came to me to tell me he was coming to pick me at  7 o’clock.

Everything went as I planned. Looking in the mirror as Emily was preparing my dress I was so happy. Nothing was going to change  my mood. Stefan came at the precise hour . He told me everyone was going to the party, and I was thrilled to go to the first anual party – Founder’s day – .

When we came at the Lockwood Mansion there was Mayor Lockwood standing with his wife and their son Tyler. I  always saw this your boy as a creature, as someone who has to hide something. Of course I knew werewolfs, but he didn’t mean .. harm . I stoped at the entrance as mayor Lockwood  talked  a bit  with Stefan then he noded towards me and we went in. Going into Lockwood’s mansion was like going in a secret society, meeting new people, seeing things in a new prespective, and of course, meal . My first big feast and I had so many to choose. Stefan told me that I couldn’t hunt here, but of course, I knew how to hunt better then ever. Damon made himself a new companion. She simmed nice but I was also feeling betrail. She had to be dead.

Some strawberry’s, some cocktails, some smiles left to right and there was Mary Elena. Sweet innocent Mary Elena who couldn’t stop blabering about Damon. I compelled Stefan mean while to stay away a bit for me to have my feast. Sweet Mary wanted to point me the register of the Founder’s day so I could sign in. Stefan was there, Damon was definetly there, I wasn’t. That’s not good , I said to myself. I signed myself with a caligrafical writing then turned and smiled to Mary. She wanted me to see the colection mayor Lockwood gathered for this party and so I followed. Doors closed – some screaming – blood. That’s all I wanted, my throat was eagered to feel blood. After I finished drinking I was pleased of myself. I took the body and hidden it . Stefan came in that moment and saw blood on the ground but I told him it was nothing . He believed.

Later that night I had both of my Salvatores. Things were about to get better I said to myself while I watched Stefan sleeping then I rested my head on his chest.