Mystic Falls & Lockwood Mansion Tours

Mystic Falls Tours

Posted by Jessica October 17, 2010

Did you know that Mystic Falls is not in Virginia its actually located in a small mysterious town. The town that I grew up in, the town where Vampires hunt at night. You see I live in Covington, Georgia and I will be happy to show you all the things you wish you could see. If you want to be entranced by the local homes and set locations of your favorite TVD vampires, witches and werewolves then all you have to do is schedule a tour with the famous Vampire Stalkers. We will take you on a Vampire Diaries Tour that will make your heart bleed.

I have been an extra on many episodes of the show and I can tell you some of the little details you wouldn’t have other wise known. Like how the actors are on set or how they built the falls for the famous “Blood Brothers” episode. I cant wait to tell you all the stories of your favorite Vamps or Werewolves.

Well into season 2 of The Vampire Diaries and adding new tour stops everyday.Depending on what you would like to see, while always having our eyes open in the hopes we may spot filming. I cant promise we will see a Vampire, Witch or Werewolf while were out and about in Mystic Falls but I can promise you will be with the best Stalking Team around! I can even take you out for an ice cream at our local ice cream shop where all the cast likes to shop and get there sweets while filming.

Visit the prices section for all the locations we visit along with any other details you may need. You can also see us on The IS Foundation website. We are very excited to be partnering with Ian Somerhalder (Damon on TVD) to make a difference.

To Schedule contact me: or 404-549-1489


Vizitati Conacul Lockwood/Visit The Lockwood Mansion

EXCITING once in a lifetime news

Posted by Jessica Jan 14, 2011

Super Exciting news concerning YOU the fans and my tour guests. If you are scheduled to take a tour with me during the days before and after Eyecon I have a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. For a small fee your tour can also include a tour of the INSIDE of Lockwood Mansion! Folks this is a great fangirl-fanguy moment. This is not usually on our tour. Usually during our tour of Mystic Falls when we go by Lockwood Mansion we take pictures from the outside at the road only due to the fact this home does have residents living in it. Luckily since our groups will be larger and we wanted to bring you something new that usually is not offered we have struck a deal. During the week of Eyecon I reduced tour prices to Convention guests from $35.00 a person to $25.00 a person. Now with the added bonus of touring the INSIDE of the home where so many COOL things have taken place from Season 1 and 2 those choosing to may pay a small fee will get to see the inside of the home and grounds as well. I know all of you fans want to stand by the very same lake that Elena and Stefan “broke Up” by this season….The added fee to tour Lockwood mansion is $15.00 a person. I will be giving 10.00 a person to the owners of the home and only charging you $5.00 a person for the extra time it will take to tour this home and large property. I assure you it is worth the extra 15 and a MUST for any and all Vampire Diaries fans! Especially those Team Lockwood or Team Werewolf!

I know alot of you have already booked for that week. So I do need you to email me and just let me know if you do want the inside tour or not. You dont have to take the inside tour I will do the standard tour at the rate we already decided on if you prefer. Although I cant see anyone turing down this chance. Honestly I am so excited to tour the home myself next week and see how much time I will need to add to our tour. So please remember this will add time onto our regular tour as well. Normal tour time is around 2 hours.

Standard Tour the week of Eyecon ONLY to con guests ONLY: $25.00

Standard Tour PLUS the Lockwood Mansion Tour: $40.00 a person. (remember if you came and took your tour on a regular tour date you would pay $35.00 a person so you are actually only paying an extra $5.00 to tour the inside of this Beautiful home)

For those NOT booked Space is LIMITED…I need to know as soon as you know if you want to book a tour that week. I need you to email me

You can reach me at

1. first choice of day along with a second choice if possible.

2. how many are in your group

3. time of day you prefer. Most days if its isnt booked already during the week of eyecon I will have a tour at 10am, 12, 2, n 4pm

UPDATE: the Thursday3-24-11 times to choose from are 12:30 pm or 3:00pm Friday 3-25-11 tour times are 10am or 12:00pm

4. If you are willing to rideshare. Ie: You need a ride or will share your ride with other fans. (this is not required but I service we are trying to help other fans with that cant get a rental themselves or vice-versa)

5. Full name and phone number to hold your booking.

6. No one is required to pay now. Although I do encourage you to if at all possible. In order to pay now you just need to let me know you are ready to pay and I will email you an invoice via paypal. OR I will be accepting CASH ONLY the day of your tour. PLEASE do not ask me to take a check or credit card on the day of your tour. Also please bring correct change if at all possible. I am going to be very busy the week before and after the con, please help limit my stress so that we can have a fun tour.

Lastly if you emailed me about a tour and I havent gotten right back to you which I usually do, then its because I am working on renting a bigger van for the time you requested. As soon as that is done I will let you know so I can get you booked. If I dont respond to you within 24 hours please assume I didnt get it for some reason and re-submit. Better to be safe than sorry.

Contact me via email if at all possible. Yes I read the message board and respond and I return calls but email is best for me due to record keeping and time.

Mystic Falls Tours will have a Vendors table set up and we are Sponsering the first ever Vampire Diaries Convention. We will also be in attendance at the Carnival Cocktail Party and Masquerade. As well as my beautuful daughter will be in The Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

Any other info you may need reguarding the Eyecon Convention can be found at

I cant wait to meet all of you and I hope this helped with some of your questions.

You can find the mystic falls tours website at

Also for other news concerning accomadations in Covington you can visit their website at they have all the latest on hotels as well as restaurants and other things that may interest you during your stay in Covington Ga aka Mystic Falls!

More to come as well…..we are in talks for the local hotels to offer a discounted rate to those taking my tour during the week of Eyecon. Please keep checking back and maybe you can extend your stay in Covington and hopefully get the chance to happen upon filming if were lucky that week.