Team Cyler/Forwood FanFic 2

The Love Story Of Caroline Forbes & Tyler Lockwood

By ilovethevampires.x

Chapter 1.


Caroline’s pov: Well here I was, at home I didn’t know what to do! Tyler had just killed someone which meant… he would soon be turning, I wonder if his uncle Mason told him this would be happening? I should tell him, he’s so alone after his father had died I had been there to comfort him and now he needs me again! I don’t know what I was doing I mean I’m Caroline Forbes! Me, looking out for people! I’m a Vampire for God sake! I’m the peppy Cheerleader everyone thinks I’m thick that I’m good for nothing! But they don’t know the truth, I got in my car no knowing where I was going until I pulled up outside the Lockwood Mansion! Oh Damon was going to kill me for this!

I knocked on the door hopping Tyler would answer and he did Thank God, but I couldn’t speak what was I doing! I was stood there gormless while the Tyler Lockwood was looking at me! I didn’t know what to say, I was well I was speechless!

“Well Forbes I didn’t expect to see you here” he said!

I just nodded my head, he looked so sexy stood there but I couldn’t think about that!

“Caroline?” He waved his hand in front of my face.

“Well I never thought I’d see the day Caroline Forbes speechless in my presence” Tyler said!

I must have been blushing scarlet “ha ha” I said as sarcastically as I could manage!

And with that we both stepped inside of the mansion!

Tyler’s pov: Whoa Caroline Forbes! She looks hot, since when was I interested in Caroline she was the peppy cheerleader? Hmm I wonder why she’s here, this is so weird I’ve never felt this way before, about anyone! Me and Caroline literally grew up together as are mums were always together!

“Full moon coming up tomorrow” she said.

Shit full moon I forgot, that’s the night I –gulp- turn into a werewolf,

“erm yeh, so what you doing here Forbes”

“Well Tyler, I know this is hard but I know what you are you’re a were wolf aren’t you?”

How did she know! I’ve not told a soul!

“Erm no, no, what are you talking about!” I answered I don’t think she was buying the whole charade!

“God Dammit Don’t lie to me Tyler! You need me and you know it!” She Shouted!

And for once I was the speechless one because I knew I needed her!

“Yeh your right Forbes, but tell me how did you know?”

“Erm well, I, I don’t know, I can’t,”

“Just spit it out! I’ll make you a deal? If you don’t tell my secret I won’t tell yours?”

And I know it was stupid, trusting a peppy cheerleader, the ‘gossip’ with my biggest secret but I felt like I could trust her? Did I really just say that to my self!

“Yeh fine deal, Tyler I’m a vampire happy?”

Whoa! I jumped back against the back wall, now I was scared either she’d gone mad or she was telling the truth and by the look in her eyes it was the truth, I then realised where I was standing, on the other side of the room against the wall, tears sprung to her eyes, and I could tell I had hurt her by my actions.

“Caroline. . .” I help up my arm as if to grab her, I walked towards and said I would like your help Caroline, I mean I’m turning in to a were wolf for the first time tomorrow and I’m scared!

She sobbed out the words! “Scared! You shouldn’t want my help I’m a vampire I could, hurt you”

I closed my eyes and hugged her tight, and to my surprise she hugged me back? She must had been as scared as I was, I don’t like to admit it but I think I’m falling in love with Caroline Forbes . . .

Carolines pov: No freaking way! Tyler Lockwood was hugging me? Me? It felt nice and I didn’t want to let go, but I wanted to help Tyler because all my life I have meet boys & boys but I think I might be falling in love with Tyler Lockwood!

The Next Day-

Tyler’s pov: I sneaked out of Carolines room, I had sneaked in to her bedroom last night to watch her sleep she looked so peaceful, so beautiful, I can’t even describe the way she looked, she started to move so I quickly made my escape through the window. . .

Carolines pov: Ha! Little did Tyler know I knew he was watching me all along, I wonder why? Maybe he just needed to think I mean it is a full moon tonight!

-The Full moon-

Tyler’s pov: Me & Caroline made are way to the old Lockwood estate, where I would chain my self up for the night, where I would become what I feared! I started to chain myself up whilst Caroline helped me, it was starting I felt pains all over my body I screamed for Caroline to leave but she wouldn’t, she agreed to leave once I had fully changed she just kept saying ‘I told you I’d be here when you need me and you need me so hush now’ and for once I felt safe.

I hadn’t noticed I was screaming in pain until Caroline started crying and I felt her tear drops fall on me, I wanted to comfort her but I couldn’t stop screaming, she held me while I screamed and she cried tears for me, and every time I screamed, she cried a little more, she grabbed my hand and whispered my name in my ear and I thought she had left me, that was until something cold hit my lips and she was kissing me, and that’s when she left and I turned. . .

I scanned around in wolf form I needed to kill, Caroline was just outside the door maybe no one would notice if I, NO not Caroline! And that’s when I heard her sobs coming from behind the door, I started to brake the door down when I heard her scream ‘TYLER NO, YOU CAN’T!’

The moon passed and before I knew it I was human, and Caroline was shouting me,

“Tyler? Tyler?”

“Caroline” I didn’t notice how weak my voice was until I spoke!

And almost immediately she was at my side and kissing me all over and before I knew it, I was kissing her back!

She gasped and looked at me, her blonde hair all around her angelic face.

“Erm, are you okay? Tyler please” She said as more tears streaked down her face!

“I’m fine Caroline clam down”

“You were in so much pain? I didn’t know what to do, I, I mean, Tyler I,” She was nervous, she was stuttering like mad!

“Caroline calm down, I have to tell you something to” could I tell her how I felt, maybe I should wait, NO come on Tyler be a man!

“Caroline, I love you, your beautiful and funny, will you be my girlfriend?” I did it! I looked back at Caroline she was smiling a great big smile!

“Tyler. . .”

Was she going to say no, oh no I’ve probably ruined everything!

“Yes, I love you and I know we’ve only just got together but I mean a few weeks ago when we got closer and everything, please remember I’m a vampire? And oh my gosh I can’t believe that happened and. . . .”

I put my finger to her lips and kissed her again!

“Wow Caroline you can talk!”

She smiled her Brilliant smile one last time. . .


Chapter 2.

2 weeks later. . .


Caroline’s pov: Well things are going great with Tyler, we never let go of each other! But I think Damon’s starting notice I’m not around! I mean, don’t get me wrong, Damon’s a great guy, but he is SO going to kill me when he finds out I’m with Tyler!

I’m so happy! I didn’t think I could be like this! Just so in love.

I was on my way to Tyler’s house, we were going to go for a walk together I know it’s only a walk but I was excited on seeing him again!

I knocked on the big Lockwood’s mansions door. . .

Tyler’s pov: Ever since I’ve been with Caroline I’ve been so happy! It’s like I’m a changed man, I mean I used to be the one who tried to get laid every time I saw some hot girl, but now I don’t see them, all I see is Caroline and I’m just so helplessly in love! Things have been getting weird though, and I mean really weird, I keep seeing this man? It’s like he’s following me! I don’t say anything I mean I don’t want to start a fight, because I would probably win anyway but this guy was all human, whenever I touch Caroline he flinches, like, like he doesn’t want me in the picture, but I can’t help that I love Caroline and to some miracle she loves me to. . .

Caroline’s pov: When I arrived at . . . My boyfriends house! I can’t believe I can actually say that now! He looked happy to see me but something was bothering him, I could see it in his eyes, I’ve known him since he was about 2 years old I can tell when he’s upset or in pain and this look was a worried, look. . .

Maybe I could distress him. . .

I went to kiss him, but he had the same Idea as me and kissed me roughly and urgent, he whispered in my ear ‘I want you Caroline’ and those word’s sent a shiver down my spine, I could feel my self getting wet below and I could feel him growing hard as I lay on top of him, he took me straight to his bedroom where, he ripped off my sun dress and I was left in my underwear! He smiled as he took me all in and sighed the words ‘so beautiful’

I couldn’t stop the moan which escaped my lips, I took off his shirt and shorts without breaking the kiss, he then ripped off my bra and my upper half was exposed, he travelled down towards my nipple where he started sucking and biting and I couldn’t control my self then, I was moaning his name which made him want to carry on! He did the same to my other nipple, while I moaned and traced my finger down his abs.

He moved his hand further down and ripped my panties off now I was fully exposed, he smiled at how wet I was and he ran his finger down my core, but I wanted more, he started to rub my buddle of nerves and I had never felt pleasure like it, until he started liking the little bud in my core I was moaning uncontrollably I just couldn’t help myself!

It was then he said “this could hurt” and he pushed 2 fingers inside of me and then I panted “I’m a vampire, nothing can hurt me”

And he started to pump his fingers in and out of me I couldn’t help my self, all I could do was moan!

Tyler’s pov: I loved to see her like this, she moaned for me to go faster and harder and I did! She was coming close to her release so I thought I would tease her, I felt her walls tighten round my finger and then I stopped, she was panting and I wanted her to beg for me to carry on so she could release all over my hand, she panted “Tyler, Tyler don’t stop, I’ll repay the favour” and that’s when I started pumping my fingers in to her faster and harder than before she was literally screaming my name before she released all over my hand. . .

“God Tyler I’ve never felt pleasure like that! Now I’ll return the favour. . .”

She moved down to my boxers and pulled them down, she took me in her mouth and she flicked the head of my cock, she was teasing me! Ugh god did she know how to turn me on. . .

“Tyler” she breathed, I want more, give me more!

And with that I flipped her over and found her entrance,

“You ready” I said?

“Ready as I’ll ever be she replied” and that’s all I needed as I slid into her, it was so pleasurable, she started to moan almost immediately as I started to thrust in and out of her, I went faster and she started to moan as loudly as I’d ever heard anyone, I felt her walls become tighter and she released, as she went in to a mind blowing orgasm and her body began to shake with pleasure, I came shortly after!

“wow” I breathed as she lay on my chest!

“hmm I hope that calmed you down!”

And It did. . .

Caroline’s pov: That was great, Id never felt anything like that before! I best go home though, its getting late, I have to go Tyler but I’ll be back tomorrow, and you can do what ever you want, and I winked I could see him growing hard again just by my words!

Bye Tyler I blew him and kiss and shouted I love you down the drive, I mean I knew he could hear me, he was a were wolf for God sake, and then a hand grabbed me round my waist pulling me I screamed and turned to see a man? I didn’t know this man? And before I knew it he was tying me up, I’m a vampire I can kill him I could snap these ropes, but I couldn’t? the ropes were the strongest ones I’ve ever seen and the man? The man was stronger than me else I could of escaped?

“who are you?” the words escaped my lips!

“Your worst nightmare” he replied and that’s when I shouted TYLER! I knew he could hear me I started to thrash and scream “Tyler help me please!” I sobbed!

Tyler’s pov: Caroline? CAROLINE? I ran to the front of the house to see the man who had been following me put Caroline in the car, I shouted to her I will come for you Caroline hold on! I love you!

And with that I fell to the ground, crippling to my knees, I started to sob, how manly, my sunshine was gone and I was going to get her back no matter what it takes.

And with that I ran into the house to get some supplies to save the love of my life. . .