Team Cyler/Forwood Season 1 & 2



Tyler Lockwood is the Mayor’s son and a member of the richest founding family, and with that comes power and privilege.At school, he’s a football jock, known for being a bit of a jerk and a partier. However, a look deeper shows that he has a softer, more artistic side. He means well, and doesn’t always have control of his anger issues, which are brought on by his werewolf genetics.


Caroline Forbes is the sheriff’s daughter and also a member of a founding family. She always strives to be the best, but is often second choice, leading her to feel insecure and lonely. Her bubbly and sweet nature, along with her snarky and blunt personality, are Caroline’s most endearing qualities. She’s Miss Mystic Falls and a beauty queen with a heart of gold. Recently, she discovered a more fierce side to herself when she became a vampire.


Season 1

Tyler and Caroline are members of the families that founded Mystic Falls. They attend the same events and the same parties, and have obviously known each other for a long time. In season 1 Tyler and Caroline appear to be friends, they talk to each other and hang out in their group of friends together. Throughout the season they bring each other up quite a bit. In the Halloween episode, they share a flirty drink together. When Caroline starts dating Matt, Tyler and Caroline start seeing more of each other. Tyler always shows an unusual interest in Matt and Caroline’s relationship. When Matt is injured, Tyler and Caroline bring him to the hospital. In the season one finale, Caroline tries to repair the friendship between Matt and Tyler without luck. At the Grill, when Tyler is arguing with his father, Caroline steps in to run interference. At the Mayor’s request, Tyler, Caroline, and Matt leave the Grill. When Tyler hears a loud noise, it causes him to crash the car, knocking Tyler unconscious. After the accident, Caroline is very much focused and concerned on Tyler’s wellbeing, refusing to accept care for herself. When Tyler comes to, Caroline collapses, and is rushed to the hospital. Tyler goes to the hospital to wait and see how she is doing, only leaving when he hears about his father’s death.


Season 2

Tyler and Caroline start off season two dealing with the accident and the loss of Tyler’s father. At the end of the premiere, Caroline was turned into a vampire by Katherine, which caused Caroline to have to deal with her newfound vampire status. Meanwhile, Tyler is dealing with his werewolf ancestry as well. In the woods, Tyler’s uncle Mason attacks Caroline in wolf form due to his deep instinct to attack vampires, and Tyler saves her.