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Tyler and Caroline

I’ve been going through a rough time, something I can’t really talk about, and Caroline’s been helping me through it. She’s been there for me more than anyone’s ever been there my entire life, and I kind of fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible.
— Tyler to Matt (Crying Wolf)



The relationship between Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood has in the past never been strong, but the revelation of their supernatural identities of Caroline being a vampire and Tyler being a werewolf has changed their acquaintanceship to friendship, bringing them closer together. Fans often refer to them as Forwood (Forbes and Lockwood), Tyroline ( Caroline and Tyler ) or, less commonly, Cyler. (Caroline and Tyler).

Season One

Tyler and Caroline were initially mutual friends and would hang out sometimes and play pool. This was probably because they’d known each other since infancy. When Matt avoided Tyler due to his incident with his mother, Caroline tried to make amends between them.

Season Two

When Caroline became a vampire and Tyler a werewolf, they found themselves understanding each others’ situations and they ended up building an unexpected friendship. They started to spend a lot a time with one another, confessing their thoughts of being a supernatural being and bringing them closer.

In Masquerade, When Matt starts punching him but Tyler refuses to fight back. Caroline hears the commotion and arrives at the fight quickly. She pulls them apart, punching Matt on the nose so he falls on the ground. Sarah stands up, muttering: “Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can’t.” She picks up a knife and Caroline yells to Tyler to watch out. He pushes Sarah backwards and she hits her head against a desk.

As she lies motionless on the floor, Tyler begs her to open her eyes and repeats: “This can’t happen.” Caroline tests Sarah’s pulse and realises she is dead. She asks Tyler what is happening and he looks at her with werewolf’s eyes. Later, the duo tell Tyler’s mother that Sarah was drunk and just tripped over. When she leaves, Caroline tells Tyler that Matt is sleeping it off in the car and promises to deal with him. Tyler asks what she is doing and Caroline explains that she is fixing a “very bad situation”, adding that Tyler didn’t mean to kill Sarah. “But she’s dead,” he says. “You don’t know what that means.” Caroline insists that she does, and when Tyler replies that she doesn’t, she asks if his wound has healed. He checks, asking how she knew.

In Rose, Tyler is walking through the school corridors. He notices a shrine to Sarah and looks at it until someone knocks into him. He goes to open his locker, but the lock breaks. Later, he approaches Caroline and asks how she knew about him. “That you were upset?” Caroline replies. “I thought I was doing a good thing by covering for you.” Tyler tells her that he’s not talking about that. Caroline pretends not to understand and leaves.

Afterwards, Tyler is playing basketball but spots Caroline. He approaches her and asks why she lied to him earlier. “I think you misunderstood me at the party,” Caroline replies. “I get it, it’s very traumatic.” Tyler insists that she’s lying, and when she tries to leave he grabs her. However, Caroline uses her strength to push him away. Tyler asks how she did it but Caroline pretends she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “If you know something you’ve got to tell me because I can’t handle this,” Tyler pleads. Caroline claims that he is just in shock. Tyler leaves and kicks over a bin in anger, but it flies away and hits a car. When Caroline arrives home, Tyler sneaks up behind her and tells her: “I know you’re just like me, aren’t you?” He says that he won’t leave until she tells him the truth. “You’re a werewolf, say it!” he yells. Caroline laughs, but Tyler pushes her up against a wall, telling her to stop lying. “I’m not lying,” she replies, before pushing him back. Her teeth come out and she says: “I’m not a werewolf, OK?”

Later, Caroline hands Tyler some alcohol and explains that it helps her to relax. Tyler admits that he feels as if his skin is on fire and says that everything has been heightened emotionally. Tyler is shocked that Caroline is a vampire and asks who else is like her, but she claims that she is the only one. Tyler explains that he is the only werewolf he knows apart from Mason. Caroline announces that Tyler cannot tell anyone about them. “This is life and death,” she says. Tyler admits that he has no-one else to tell. “I’m sorry about earlier,” he says. “It’s just I’m alone with this. It’s going to happen to me. The next full moon I’m going to turn and I won’t be able to stop it. I’m scared.” Caroline hugs him.

In The Sacrifice, Back at school, Tyler is playing basketball by himself. Matt approaches him and apologises for picking a fight with him. He admits that he has been avoiding Tyler. Tyler accepts his apology and Matt leaves, running into Caroline. They chat for a moment but Matt claims that he has to get to class and walks off, leaving Caroline looking sad. She heads over to see Tyler and asks if he has figured out what he’s going to do at the full moon yet. He reveals that he has a plan but says that it is private. However, Caroline persuades him to let her help out.

Tyler and Caroline walk through the woods and Tyler admits that Matt is struggling to get over Caroline. Caroline agrees but insists that it is better this way. Tyler claims that he understands, saying: “You can’t be honest with him. It’s not really fair to be with someone and not let them know who you are. I get it.” He points out the Lockwood cellar and explains that he thinks Mason was headed there on the night that he turned. The pair go downstairs and Tyler points out the old claw marks on the walls and the bolts and chains. Caroline discovers something wrapped up and, when she opens it, finds a journal. The pair realise that Mason kept a diary of what happened to him. Tyler reads: “The full moon is tonight.” Caroline asks if Mason wrote down what happened, and Tyler finds a memory stick in the back of the book.

At Caroline’s house, Tyler puts Mason’s memory stick into a computer and the pair discover that Mason taped his first transformation. Caroline looks at the journal and finds that he wrote about it the next day. As they watch Mason being sick on the tape, Caroline reads that he tried to drink wolfsbane to make him weaker. “Over an hour passed and nothing happened,” she reads. “It got so quiet I could feel my own blood pumping… I kept thinking I’d black out and not feel it but I did. I felt all of it.” The pair watch Mason writhing in pain and skip through the tape, realising that the process lasts at least five hours. Tyler begins to cry, saying: “I can’t do that Caroline. Whatever that was, I can’t go through that.”

Meanwhile, Caroline suggests that they shouldn’t read anymore of Mason’s journal. “There’s a reason it’s called a curse, Tyler,” she adds. Tyler takes the book and sees that Mason described the transformation as “unimaginable pain” and “the worst night of [his] life”. Caroline reassures him that the transformation speeds up and suggests that he just needs to get through the first time. Tyler asks why she is helping him because they have never been close before. Caroline admits that she had no-one to help her when she turned. “I had no control over my body or my urges and I killed somebody,” she admits. “I don’t want that for you.” The doorbell rings and Caroline gets up to answer it. She discovers Matt, who explains that he was driving home from work and found himself there. “I miss you,” he admits. Caroline smiles, but Tyler appears, causing Matt to look confused.

In By the Light of the Moon, Meanwhile, Caroline and Tyler drive to the woods and Caroline reassures Tyler that Mason probably just stopped to surf somewhere. “I’m sure he’s OK,” she adds. Tyler begins setting up chains in the Lockwood cellar and Caroline reveals that she brought some wolfsbane with her. Tyler reaches over to touch it but it burns him. He explains that he brought some water with him and asks Caroline to mix the wolfsbane into it. Tyler continues to set up the chains and reveals that the set-up should be able to hold 5000 pounds. However, he admits that he doesn’t know if a werewolf can pull more than that. He takes off his top and Caroline is shocked, checking that he is not going to get naked. Tyler asks: “What should I wear?”

Later, at the Lockwood cellar Caroline reveals that it is almost 8 o’clock. Tyler explains that the transformation could happen before the moon hits its apex. He admits that he doesn’t know how long he will actually be a wolf, but suggests that it will be for a few hours. He grabs the bottle of wolfsbane water and Caroline asks if he is sure he wants to drink it, but Tyler insists that he does because it will diminish his strength. He drinks and immediately starts being sick. Caroline rushes over to soothe him but he shouts at her to leave. She refuses and, as Tyler apologises, strokes his head.

Tyler is still struggling with his transformation and gasps as some of the changes begin to take effect. “I’m burning up,” he groans. Caroline advises him to breathe through this and again he tells her to leave. “Not yet,” she replies. Tyler begins screaming and pulling against his chains, and Caroline gets up and begins crying, covering her mouth with her hand in shock. “It hurts,” Tyler groans.

Back at the cellar, Caroline admits that she doesn’t know how to help and Tyler tells her that there is nothing she can do. Suddenly, his back begins to bulge as the transformation continues. Tyler begs her to get out as he doesn’t want to hurt her but Caroline refuses and takes his head. She hugs him and advises Tyler to fight through it. Tyler continues to tell her to go, but she whispers: “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” However, Tyler begins to convulse and groan. His eyes turn yellow and he snaps at Caroline. Caroline gets up and runs over to lock the metal gate to the cellar. “I’m sorry,” she cries. Tyler bares his fangs at her and Caroline runs out of the cellar. She shuts the wooden door at the entrance to the cellar and sobs as she hears Tyler screaming and groaning. Eventually, he becomes silent, but then he bashes against the door. Caroline pushes up against it as Tyler barges up and tries to knock it down. “Tyler, don’t,” Caroline pleads. “Stop.” She uses a plank to hold the door in place before running away through the woods.

Later, Caroline is walking through the woods. She arrives at the cellar and looks down the steps. She heads downstairs and examines the door, which has some damage but is still shut. She calls: “Tyler” and hears him mumble “Caroline” in return. She bursts in and spots him curled up on the floor. She covers him up to keep him warm and says: “You’re OK, you’re OK. You made it. You didn’t get out. You’re OK.” However, Tyler sobs and replies: “No I’m not.”

In The Descent, Caroline is at school preparing for a barbeque when she spots Tyler. She congratulates him on surviving his first full moon without hurting anyone. Tyler thanks her for being there and the pair stare at each other for a while. Caroline breaks the silence by suggesting that they should reinforce the cellar wall because he almost pushed it down bit her. Eventually, she reveals that legend says werewolf bites are fatal to vampires. However, the duo are interrupted by Matt, who asks to speak to Caroline, and Tyler leaves.

When Caroline gets home, she discovers Tyler waiting for her. He asks her why she would risk death to be with him, Tyler kisses Carolineand Caroline replies that he needed help. Tyler points out that he could have killed her and says he doesn’t understand. Caroline asks why it is so hard for him to let people help him. She begins to get angry, sarcastically saying that she’s sorry if she overstepped her boundaries by caring about him. Tyler interrupts her speech by kissing her, but Caroline eventually pulls away, telling him that he can’t do that. “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me,” she yells.

In Daddy Issues, Jules reveals to Tyler that Stefan and Damon are also vampires and that his uncle Mason is dead, most likely killed by one of the vampires in Mystic Falls. Tyler confronts Caroline, asking her if it’s true and she hesitates, prompting Tyler to believe Jules and shove Caroline against her car door, yelling that he trusted her. His eyes flash gold in his anger and he leaves a shocked Caroline behind. Stefan then confronts Tyler, telling him why Caroline lied to him and that they don’t need to be enemies but friends. Caroline, after a short meeting with Matt, runs into Jules and tries to intimidate her, but Jules sprays a can of vervain in her face, causing Caroline to recoil. Caroline is then shot in the head with a wooden bullet by Brady, a werewolf friend of Jules’.

Caroline wakes up and finds herself in a cage, where Brady tortures her, spraying vervain in her face and shooting her with wooden bullets. Jules calls Stefan and tells him to bring Tyler to her in order for Caroline to live. Stefan takes Tyler to Jules but Damon soon joins the meeting, saying that if they did not give Caroline to him, his version of things Tyler helping Caroline out of the cagewould be more ‘bloodier’. Jules whistles and a bunch of men appear from the woods, carrying fire gas tanks and wooden stakes. Damon tells Tyler to go to Jules, then attacks her, which leads into an all out battle between Damon, Stefan and the werewolves. Tyler finds Caroline inside a caravan and Caroline asks him to open the cage for her, because there is no latch and she can’t reach it. He hesitates and Caroline looks at him in surprise and anger, begging him to open the door. Tyler eventually does, letting Caroline out, who runs outside to join the fight but is immediately overthrown by Jules. As Caroline stares at Tyler to help her, he does nothing, watching her guiltily. As Damon is about to be staked, Dr. Jonas Martin enters the clearing, using his powers to knock the werewolves unconscious. He tells Stefan and Damon that Elijah would keep his promise to Elena to keep them safe, and that they should leave. He then warns Tyler to tell his ‘werewolf friends’ to leave town immediately.

Tyler goes to Caroline’s house after the ordeal, realizing the error of his mistakes. Caroline is furious with him, angry that he did not help her when she was in trouble, stating “you just stood there!” Tyler tells her he didn’t know they would come after her and that he doesn’t know who to trust, because she lied to him. Caroline tells him that she lied to him to protect her friends and to protect him and Tyler apologizes but Caroline tells him it’s too late, and that they aren’t friends anymore. She slams the door in Tyler’s face and he leaves, going back to Jules and her werewolf friends, where he tells them that Mason was looking for a moonstone before he died.

Stefan, worried about Caroline and how she is dealing with what she went through, goes to Elena and Bonnie for help, who decide to have a slumber party at Caroline’s house. As they walk through the front door, Caroline begins crying, hugging them both closely as they embrace her.

In Crying Wolf, Tyler bumps into Caroline at the Grill, which causes her bag to fall and it’s contents to spill out. Tyler steals her phone, but genuinely tries to talk to her, but she refuses, still furious at him for hesitating to help her during the confrontation with the other werewolves in the previous episode. As Caroline leaves, Matt tells Tyler to stop lying to him about Caroline and to just stop pretending that they aren’t together, even though Tyler tells him they truly aren’t together.

Tyler texts Elena with Caroline’s phone, asking where she is so that the other werewolves can kidnap her, as they want to break the sun and moon curse and need Elena, as she is the Petrova Doppelganger. As Stefan and Elena attempt to go on a romantic getaway at her parents old cabin, Tyler and Brady, another werewolf, attack Stefan in the garage and Brady goes inside the cabin to get Elena. Stefan tells Tyler that there is an alternative to all of this, but Tyler tells him he doesn’t want to be a werewolf anymore, and that the only way that can happen is if he breaks the curse, as he can stop himself from changing if it is broken. Stefan tells Tyler that if they want to break the curse, Elena will have to die and Tyler realizes that Jules and the others have lied to him. He helps Stefan stop Brady from hurting Elena. Stefan kills Brady and Tyler apologizes to Elena, telling her he was unaware that the curse involved sacrificing her life. She forgives him and they hug.

As Carol Lockwood, Tyler’s mom is heading up the stairs, she hears a noise and finds a letter from Tyler with ‘Mom’ written on it. Tyler approaches Matt at the Grill and tells him that him and Caroline were only ever friends, and that she helped him with a lot, and because of that, he developed feelings for her. He tells Matt that although he loves Caroline, Matt is better for her, and that he shouldn’t let her go. Tyler goes to Caroline’s house but hesitates on ringing the doorbell, but Caroline sense somebody outside and goes to the door. She locks it, unaware that Tyler is watching her from outside. Tyler enters a car and we see Jules in the passenger seat, where he apologizes to Jules about Brady, and says that if he’s going to travel with her, he wants nothing but the truth from her and she agrees, telling him he’s doing the right thing. He says he can’t stay in Mystic Falls, not as a werewolf and they leave Caroline’s house.

Finally, Tyler returns in The Last Day because his mom is in the hospital after ‘falling’ down the stairs. At the hospital, Jules arrives and tells Tyler they have to leave and lock themselves up in preparation for the full moon. Outside, Tyler bumps into Caroline and they have an awkward conversation, in which Caroline asks him why he just left without saying goodbye to her. As he explains that he left for a reason. Tyler begins to leave but Maddox and Greta appear, forcing Tyler and Caroline to fall on the ground with their powers. Greta injects Caroline with vervain and they drag the pair away.

Down in the tomb, Caroline realizes why they’ve been captured, and tells Tyler the story of Klaus, and admits that she thinks he is going to kill them. Tyler tells her that Jules has been helping him come to terms with being a werewolf but it doesn’t matter now. Caroline then asks why he didn’t say goodbye, wondering “why did you leave me?” and Tyler admits that he thought she hated him and deserved better than having someone like him in her life. Caroline admits that she was hurt but could never hate him. Damon arrives and reveals that Matt is outside with wooden bullets. He frees Caroline, but she refuses to leave without Tyler. Tyler admits that he can lock himself up in the Lockwood cellar and Damon agrees to untie him.

Caroline, Damon, and Tyler exit the tomb and meet Matt, but the full moon is emerging and Tyler’s transformation process begins. Tyler’s transformation is moving on and he tells them to leave. Damon has to push Tyler down but Tyler tries to bite him. Damon says he is fine and tells Caroline and Matt to lock themselves in the Lockwood cellar. He rushes away. Meanwhile, Caroline and Matt rush down to the cellar but are confronted by a wolf.

In The Sun Also Rises, the episode opens with Matt and Caroline trying to fight off Tyler, who has transformed into a werewolf. Matt worries that the gate in the tomb won’t hold and eventually shoots Tyler. Caroline grabs his hand and they rush off. They return home and Matt reveals that he knew Caroline was a vampire because he has been drinking vervain, adding that it was Sheriff Forbes’s idea. Caroline asks how Matt is feeling but he changes the subject, pointing out that they are stuck in the house hiding from Tyler. Suddenly they notice someone at the door and discover Tyler curled up on the porch. Caroline covers him with Matt’s jacket and eventually gets him inside. Matt admits that he has enjoyed the last few days with Caroline but adds that he doesn’t think he can deal with her being a vampire. He reveals that he already has a tough life but he just wants to live it without dealing with the supernatural as well. When Tyler wakes up, he admits that he should not have returned to Mystic Falls. However, Caroline tells him not to leave again. She admits that Matt broke up with her and Tyler hugs her as she cries. After her suggestion that instead of bailing on her he could thank her for taking care of him and stay, he does.

Season ThreeEdit Season Three section

In season Three,  as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families. They will be Romeo and Juliet.