TVD: Season 4 ~ A Girl’s Right To Choose


Julie Plec has gone on the record as saying, “The Triangle Has Been Reset” this season in regards to Elena’s emotional tug-of-war with Damon and Stefan. But the truth of the matter is, for the first few season four episodes, the triangle hasn’t just been reset, it’s totally shifted to Klaus, Caroline and Tyler!

With the Original vampire currently inhabiting the hybrid hottie’s body, Caroline’s feelings have never been more mixed — and just wait until she gets wise to this fanged Freaky Friday!

And since you’ve all been such good boys and girls over this (never-ending) hiatus, I’ve snagged an exclusive portrait featuring Mystic Falls’ latest and greatest love triangle!



TVD: She Wolf – [Fanfic Trailer]


Caroline Forbes ( Candice Accola) wasn’t the most popular girl in school but she was happy with her life , until one bite changes her life forever. Stiles (Dylan O”Brien) , Caroline’s brother soon discovers , that it wasn’t just a regular wolf who attacked her , but a werewolf. Caroline now has to leave with that curse on her shoulders . Caroline decides to make the best of new gifts and explores them , catching the attention of “bad boy “Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) who has a secret on his own. An animalistic attraction grows between them making it almost impossible for them to stay away from each other , until the day Caroline discovers Tyler’s secret which changes everything. Their love soon turns to hate. Let the game begin !

Tune in for the Season Premiere , coming soon !

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TVD: Michael Trevino looks back on Tyler’s Progress and talks about Forwood’s Future

When Michael Trevino laughed after we asked him if Tyler and Klaus would have more scenes together in The Vampire Diaries season finale, we never could’ve predicted why.

“Um, maybe they have a little run-in,” Trevino, who plays Tyler, teased to

Understatement of the year. On Thursday’s Season 3 ender, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) took over Tyler’s body (and that was just one of the episode’s shocking developments). Caroline (Candice Accola) was in hysterics as she watched Tyler — with whom she had just agreed to run away — scream in pain. But while Caroline believed Tyler was dying as a result of Klaus’ death and their sire bond, Klaus was actually transitioning into Tyler’s body in order to survive.

Although Trevino’s role is about to change drastically, the actor says he’s incredibly proud of the way Tyler Lockwood grew in the first three seasons.

“I was really nonexistent in Season 1. Tyler was really one-note, a jerk, and an alpha male d—–bag — it was boring and I was frustrated,” he says. “To see how fast Tyler’s arc has progressed from Seasons 2 and 3 — when he first found out about the werewolf thing, then he turns into a werewolf, and in Season 3 he becomes the first successful hybrid, and his relationship on and off with Caroline — I like the way things went and that he grew up.”

But what is one plotline Trevino wishes Tyler could’ve seen through? His relationship with Caroline, of course. “I would’ve liked to [have seen] how the relationship with Caroline would blossom without the distraction of other people, if nobody was getting in the way, and how deep their relationship could get and if it would last.”