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Q) Do you think Matt is going to feel guilty that it was his life for Elena?

Zach: I think that the guilt is going to be paired with another – that being love. That’s one of the most loving and compassionate things you can do for someone, to give up your own life for them. Matt hasn’t had someone do that for him since maybe season one, if ever. He’s going to feel guilty, but also that someone does want him around. I think each day he’s going to try to prove he’s around.

Steven: I think we had good intentions trying to get Elena out of town, but that’s definitely going to be a weight on his shoulders.

Zach: I think both of our characters are going to be coming together now as a team to figure out how we can make Elena’s life work as a vampire.

Q) Matt was driving the car that caused Elena’s death. Will there be some resentment towards him?

Zach: I think Matt is going to get a lot of blame from Damon and Stefan, who chose to save his life. Matt is initially going to be going through this “whoa is me” guilty phase thinking “Elena died, I shouldn’t be living!” Someone is going to slap me across the face and say, “You know what, you are alive. Live. You should be living.” We probably blame ourselves. I think at some point Damon will, quite literally, slap me across the face.

Q) Do you wish Matt had superpowers, like everybody else?

Zach: No.

Steven: He has the super power of integrity.

Zach: That’s true. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Matt’s power is a human power. Matt might not always do the right thing, but he’s going to do what he feels in his heart is the right thing. It’s not even a thought. Some people think about what they should do, but it is an inherent quality for Matt. It’s what he has to offer. I like that contrast. Michael [Trevino] is playing a hybrid now. Jeremy can see ghosts. Everyone has their purpose. We have one of the most eclectic diverse casts on television, a young group on a supernatural show. Everyone has a very specific purpose or else you kind of don’t belong. Matt has this rare thing going on, which in this case is just being normal.

Q) How long is it before they figure out that Klaus is in Tyler’s body?

Michael: Right now, just Bonnie is in the know. I want to be able to play Klaus for a while. Most of the interaction is kind of between Klaus and Bonnie in dealing with the situation of Tyler being possessed. We do find out what actually happens in that coffin, how charred up is he. Is he ashes? What are the extent of his injuries?

Q) What do you like about playing Klaus?

Michael: Tyler is so animated. He’s in high school and Klaus is someone who is the most powerful being on Earth. And there is this stillness to him and he’s very focused on you. He has this subtle, arrogance. He’s very sinister, but he doesn’t give a fuck. He knows what he is capable of.

Q) Any surprise guest stars coming up or dream guest stars you’d like to have?

Steven: We do have some new characters coming in this next season.

Q) How is the introduction of the vampire hunter going to effect Elena?

Steven: We got the second script last night. There is not too much we can give away, but it’s always interesting to see people fight these beings that are all powerful.

Zach: I also feel like most storylines you are bated along. With this, season four – it’s like BAM! Vampire hunter! He’s there and he’s there for business right off the jump.

Q) How does Connor compare to the big bad that is Klaus?

Steven: Klaus is all powerful.

Michael: Honestly, we don’t know. We haven’t gotten that script with him in it. I know that he’s badass, but I know there is something there. If I know Julie well enough, he’s not just a vampire hunter. There is something else about him that we’ll find out later. There is always some different, kind of secret to each new character especially if they’re very powerful when they come into our world.

Q) Jeremy is now an orphan. Do you think he might align with the vampire hunter?

Steven: Jeremy and Matt contributed to Elena’s death. It was his last remaining family member. Throughout this last season he’s expressed that he’s sick of all these supernatural beings and creatures. I think he’s definitely going to do what he can to fight back. His family legacy is to hunt and he started picking up the crossbow this past season. I am hoping he does more next.

Zach: That’s a bit of a conflict of interest. His sister is a vampire now and he’s becoming a vampire hunter…

Q) There was already a love triangle with Caroline and Tyler. Now that Klaus is in Tyler’s body, how is that going to play out?

Michael: You would think that Klaus would take full advantage of that in two ways: he’s trying to get something out of her and also make Tyler look bad. I think we see that right away. He takes full advantage. When Tyler comes back he’s not going to know what happened.

Q) How will each of you going to help Elena during her transition and as a vampire?

Steven: I think we’ll do anything to keep my sister safe.

Zach: Generally, I think the same thing. But specifically I think that there are some things that Matt can do. Elena is never going to want to harm anyone else. She’s never going to want to rip anyone apart. When it was season two or three when Caroline killed that guy in the parking lot, she didn’t want to do that at all. That’s not who Caroline ever was. When you become a vampire, you have no self control. Everyone knows Elena is going to need to feed. Perhaps Matt could offer himself to Elena to feed. He’d be like, “Don’t kill me, but I know you need to feed. You can feed on me.” That will be some way to help with the guilt, for sure.

Michael: The same characters always seem to share scenes with the same characters. I don’t know how that will come into play without probably getting together with Matt and Jeremy to help the situation. It’s Elena. She’s the common denominator to the whole family of all of us kids. I think with this finally happening to her it’s like “Whoa, we all have to come together!”

Zach: I think we’ll all have an integral role. Also, this year we’re all graduating. I think it’s a culmination of a phase our show has been in. We’re kind of all coming out of our adolescence.

Michael: It’s about graduating high school and entering into adulthood.

Zach: When he became a werewolf, he was almost like a kid in the world of the supernatural. Now he’s like a wolf-man.

Q) Do you think that Damon is going to be pretty angry with Matt?

Zach: I can only speculate, but I would guess yes. Damon also doesn’t have much self control. So, thank God that Elena is a vampire now and can have my back.

Q) There have been a lot of shows that have turned into movies. Could you ever see that happening with “The Vampire Diaries?”

Michael: Do I see it happening? No. But they made a movie about “Sex And The City.”



TVD: “The Vampire Diaries” Panel Comic Con 2012

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This was a livestream from The Vampire Diaries panel at this years Comic Con.

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